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Geometrical Measurement System 

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Uses for ALiSENSOR® Level

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  • How straight is your machined part?
  • How parallel is your rolls in the paper machine?
  • How true is your machine foundation?
  • How perpendicular is your milling head to the table?
  • At what angle is your fixture set up to the machine?

These are just some of the problems that can be solved easily with the new ALiSENSOR™ Level system fromGLOi AB.

De ALiSENSOR® Level is a system for complex geometrical measurements of high accuracy with typical applications in machine tooling and precision manufacturing.


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The system

The system consists of a sensor unit and an iOS unit (iPod/iPhone or iPad). The ALiSENSOR™ Level sensor unit is a complex but rugged data collector that contains MEMS gyros, accelerometers and a microprocessor. Data of angular and translational movements are provided via Bluetooth® to the iOS unit, which provides an unsurpassed user friendly environment for the operator to analyze the data. Typical measurement applications is straightness, inclination and squareness with accuracy often acquired by machine workshops.



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The hardware is supported with a dedicated “app” that guide the user throughout the measurement. The ALiSENSOR™ Level hardware will be supported with multiple apps that can use the functionality of the hardware to implement different types of measurements. Each app will be tailor-made to the specific measuring procedure, such as straightness, flatness, machine foundation, milling machines, lathes, four poles press etc.
All available apps will be delivered through the iTunes Store as any regular app for the iOS platform. As such any update of the apps will become automatically available to your iOS unit.

ALiSENSOR® Straightness

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This is the first app in a series that will support the ALiSENSOR™ Level hardware. The main purpose of the app is to show and analyze data for straightness measurements but there is also the functionality to measure inclination and parallelism. Upon start the operator is taken directly into measurement mode and within seconds a complete straightness measurement procedure can be done even for a novice.
The data can then be analyzed, the operator can set reference points, choose best fit and set tolerances etc. A report is instantly created with all data from the measurement including the resulting graph. The operator can then choose to fill in complementary information about the setup such as operator/company name, location, measurement object notes. There is also the ability to include a photo (taken with the built in camera of the iOS device directly in the app) in the report.
The report file can then easily be shared with the common ways of the iOS device, email, mms and even such services as “Dropbox” for example.


Calibration and fixtures

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As the ALiSENSOR™ Level hardware is not shipped with large, expensive and complex multifunctional fixtures we rely on the operator to have special knowledge about the specific measurement at hand. The sensor device is full of useful threaded holes so that the operator can build what ever special fixtures needed and then attach the ALiSENSOR™ Level sensor unit.

In order for this approach to work in certain measurement applications, the app contains a calibration function in order to calibrate the sensor unit to the special fixture. This is a crucial ability as it makes the device truly universal in its package.
The calibration procedure is really simple and done in seconds. The user is guided with animations to rotate the sensor unit as applicable to calibrate to the reference surface of the special fixture.


The ALiSENSOR™ Straightness app also has the ability to show true inclination and relative inclination or parallelism. In the latter case the operator simply press “0” when the sensor unit is placed on the reference object. Then all measurements will be shown in relation to the set object hence parallelism of the two objects.



Everywhere in the app the ability to change units is present. All major units to show angles and inclination is available, deg, minutes, seconds, mm/m, inch/foot etc. Also in the settings of base length between each point of a straightness measurements, there is a choice of units in order to make the ALiSENSOR™ Level as universal as possible.

app store resized 2 ALiSENSOR® Downloadable software Apps:

Al ALiSENSOR® Level Apps are free to download, and the updates wil be automatically installed!






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Spindel parallelism

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Shaft Plump

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Shaft Level

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Multi Values



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